CHS Athletics: Purpose/Philosophy/Goals


We are committed to representing our school and community with class and pride, sound fundamental play, strong team discipline, and elite conditioning for all athletes.

We will promote, direct, and conduct interscholastic athletics in such a manner as to further the aims of general education, promote friendly relations with other schools, to encourage participation by students, and to teach good sportsmanship.


The athletic department is an integral part of the educational process at Cashmere High School.  Being involved in athletics provides our students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and to learn the ideals of fair play and ethical behavior which are necessary for competition and cooperation in our society. It should also provide our students with the unique opportunities for self‐discipline, self‐sacrifice, and loyalty to the community, the school and the team.

Cashmere High School encourages all students to participate in athletics by offering a diverse selection of interscholastic athletics for both young men and women. Competition and cooperation are prized in our culture, and both are fostered by a well conducted athletic program under competent leadership.  Athletics which are regulated to meet educational objectives can provide a major contribution to the physical and moral development of students.



  • To promote the development of good health and positive character of each athlete through the values of self‐discipline, teamwork, competition, leadership, time management skills, fair play, ethical behavior, high academic standards and an overall commitment to personal excellence.


  • To provide safe, supportive, and knowledgeable coaching to promote the physical, mental, ethical, social and emotional well-being of the athlete.


  • To help students and parents understand the responsibilities which accompany the opportunity and privilege of sport and team participation by providing a model of good sportsmanship.


  • To clearly communicate behavioral expectations and to enforce consistent consequences for violations of school rules and regulations.


  • To provide a positive and meaningful experience for all athletes.